A Grand Mountain Adventure

14 days. Over 1500 miles of driving. 3 States. 4 Different Base Camps. Rain. Clouds. Beauty. Wildlife. Hiking. Camping. Campfires. Adventure. All summed up in three minutes. I want to go back.

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Banded Water Snake Encounter

One always has to be aware of the possibilities of snake encounters when living near the water in Florida. While water moccasin is the first thing most people think of when thinking of water snakes, you are far more likely to have encounter a Florida Banded Water Snake (Nerodia fasciata fasciata)

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On Mission with Waves of Love

In the summer of 2014, my oldest son (T5) and myself embarked on a journey to travel down to Nicaragua to spend some time serving in the mission field, and hopefully also grab a few waves in the process. I woke up the other morning with this place in my mind, and was thinking about our time there, the people we met, the miracles we witnessed and the good work that is continuing to take place every single day.


Canoeing the Silver River

It’s hard enough these days to remember what day it is, let alone keep track of all the various “This is — Insert Random Item … Read more