1997 Pro-Line 211 Walkaround Adventure Boat

We originally acquired this 1997 Pro-Line 211 Walkaround in the summer of 2017, with plans on using it for a period of time while we turned it into the ultimate Florida adventure boat for our family. Unfortunately shortly after we purchased it, we started running into various mechanical issues which ultimately lead to the decision to put it on the trailer for a bit and work out a plan for a full restoration. I tinkered with it here and there for awhile, but as is often common other priorities came up and the adventure boat project was put on the back burner, for a bit. The time has now come however to get the project back on track, and start working out the vision and plan for the ultimate Florida adventure boat.

Latest Updates

General Specifications

Overall Length:20’11”
Draft:14″ (Engine Up)
23″ (Engine Down)
Fuel Capacity:95 Gal.
Weight:5000 lbs.
Cockpit Area:46 Sq. Ft.
Cockpit Depth:28.7″
Max HP:225HP
Bridge Clearance:8′ with Top
Sleeping Capacity:2 Humans
Cabin Head Room:57″
Transom Height:25″
Deadrise:19 degrees

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